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The Practices of Holtz Accounting Services started in Pennsylvania in 2007, assisting companies to secure SBA funding and continuous profitability.  From the start of the business, the core clientele of Holtz Accounting Services has been manufacturing companies, cost accounting, organizational accounting and the use of financial ratios to guide clients to their profitable success.

The Award winning accounting firm moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2011 and has since assisted its clients in their conventional accounting needs while achieving their strategic objectives.

The Holtz Accounting Group is the ideal organization to help your company start, expand, move out of flat performance, or achieve what you may think are non-reachable goals. The Holtz’s system is unique and structured sequentially to achieve maximum results.

Steps include fact and data collection, assessment, KPIs, strategic accounting assistance, problem identification, proposed solutions, implementation, and performance tracking.

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SANDY HOLTZ, CPA Managing Partner


An award winning CPA with more than 26 years of experience in industry, public accounting and banking. A leader and team player with proven abilities to increase revenues and to encourage continuous improvements from the manufacturing floor to fiscal operations. An individual, who can produce results within a structured environment, yet has the unique ability to listen and look at things from an entrepreneurial perspective. The ability to adapt those ideas into an infrastructure that is viable, sustainable and profitable.

  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Turn arounds
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Capital and Resource allocation
  • Cost reduction

Key Achievements

Over the Past 48 Months: Brought two products to market to support a $5M capital raise for Protective Sports Equipment of which $3M has been raised. Started two Companies, Holtz Accounting Services, LLC and Avatar Transportation and Tours, LLC. Both companies have net income. Made introductions and working with a team that raised $1M in the energy business. Installed an MRP systems for an $8M company. Aligned resources for foreign trade opportunities worldwide, identifying key industries and markets in Mexico and Africa, for $10M worth of non-moving products that would ultimately have been sold at scrap value.

Created 37 new jobs, and kept two companies from claiming bankruptcy. Enabled a 20-year established company to have record years of earnings and three new start-ups that are in revenue, by using the resources of an organization called CEO Space. Sold a business within the time frame set by the client. Aligned resources needed for various companies and individuals. This included anything from introducing companies to new customers, to educating and coaching individuals on business strategy and proper sequencing

Delivered on a strategic plan that was set for a three-year roll out. Accomplished everything in one year with no additions to staff, and within budgets. Attended CARON Enterprises’ strategic planning session, producing a plan that was to be rolled out over three- and five-year periods. The company president drove the initiative of reducing the three-year plan down to a one-year plan. Identified and allocated resources and set up the proper teams to meet these objectives successfully. Successfully built a 30,000 square foot electronics manufacturing facility, which became ISO 9001 certified within six months. Researched and trained on a new ERP system, year 2000 complaint and implemented LEAN manufacturing.

Built and general contracted a 7,000 square foot alternative, green dry cleaning company. Facility opened on time and within budget. Received an award from the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County Pennsylvania for creating substantial job opportunities through capital investment. Directed up to five construction work groups. Handling infrastructure requirements for the build out, bringing in three-phase electricity, and determining the proper method of waste water removal.

Twice awarded the Small Business Development Center’s “Small Business Award” for work done with two separate manufacturing companies. This is awarded to businesses that demonstrate making a vital contribution to the economic growth, prosperity, and quality of life in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The first company, Troyer Sheet Metal, was a sheet-metal fabrication company brought to breakeven within a six-month period, allowing the business to stay open. The second company, CARON Enterprises, was a filtering and circuit-board manufacturing facility that showed strong consistent growth in the telecommunications market over a three-year period.

List of Organizations – Accomplished Work, Task Management, Type of Industry

CPA – CFO Accounting, Consulting and Bookkeeping Services

  • Holtz Account Services, PLLC: Provides business coaching and mentoring, accounting services for startups and establish small businesses ranging from $100,000 to $25MM in Sales. Services include accounting, installing costing systems (MRP systems), setting up companies for sale and creating proforma financial statements for raising capital.

  • SandCille Demi Spa: Evaluated exit strategy. Implemented and set up the costing and inventory system, and fulfilled monthly accounting responsibilities. Successfully sold business within 1 ½ year with a goal of 2 years.

  • Renewergy: Grew algae for its oil content. A $300K project that was set up at Erie’s Waste Water Treatment facility. Successfully demonstrated proof of concept, which was to grow algae and have 25% to 40% oil content.

Erie Management Group – Erie, Pennsylvania

Director of Finance – Financial Planning and Analysis ($80M of Managed Assets for a Private Investment Company)
  • Monitored monthly burn rates and estimated breakevens for 27 companies (mostly start ups), which spanned six industries. These included a community airport, a commercial real estate developer, a hedge-fund investment group, a bio-diesel plant, an ice-machine making company, ship building in Netherlands and Canada, an insurance company in England, and the parent managing company.

  • Based on expansion plans, designed and implemented a company’s internal infrastructure requirements to support their growth. Change was a daily occurrence.

  • Coordinated the KOZ/KOEZ and KIZ government programs which generated $100K of funds for one associated company alone during its first year.

  • Researched, budgeted and implemented a Tier II ERP System (Macola) and a document management system (e-Synergy) to be rolled out over 27 companies.

Hangers Cleaners – Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner – Introduced and built company using green technology in the dry cleaning industry (liquid CO2)

  • Did research which showed that “green” industry was going to be the next big business opportunity. This was supported by a meeting put on by Deutche Bank and a Wall Street investment firm. Erie, Pennsylvania, was a very depressed area at the time and had never been successful as a follower. It did, however, have potential to show great success at being a leader. It only needed to put an infrastructure together to support the upcoming green industry initiative that was about to take off.

  • Raised $800K to demonstrate that investing in a green technology was sustainable and profitable. Went into the business with an 18% to 25% profit margin.

  • General contracted a 7,000 square foot facility that was built within budget, opened on time and met sales projections.

  • Managed, by setting operational metrics, to cash-flow the organization through a $400K electrical disaster for two years.

General Electric Company – Erie, Pennsylvania

Financial Analyst – $763M Locomotive Division
  • Prepared a three-year rolling budget eight times per year.

  • Coordinated foreign and domestic delivery as well as payment details for locomotives.

  • Held quarterly meetings to meet company’s objectives for Wall Street.

CARON Enterprises – Lake City, Pennsylvania

General Manager – $7M – $12M electronic filtering house and circuit-board manufacturer
  • Moved a 15K square foot facility to a 30K square foot facility under budget.

Controller – $4M full-responsibility accounting
  • Reduced customer returns from 3% down to 1%. Increased gross margins from 2.5% to 5.3%. Increased retirement-plan participation by 60%.

  • Full-responsibility accounting for a company that received a GAAP audit each fiscal year.

  • Negotiated cancellation fees with second tier suppliers, such as Sysco and CMAC and first tier suppliers such as Honeywell at 66%, keeping our company in business until it could be sold at a later date.

  • Implemented and trained departments on P & L, LEAN Manufacturing, ISO 9001, set up cross-functional teams, 360 review system and open-book management.

  • Implemented a supply chain management system that had the company 100% compliant with all customer inventory contract requirements and deliveries within six months.

Trost Sheet Metal, Inc. – Erie, Pennsylvania

Controller – $4M full-responsibility P & L reporting
  • Awarded the Small Business Development Center’s “Small Business Award” (see above).

  • Business turn-around took company to breakeven in less than six months. Dealt with a newly installed Tier II ERP system (Vantage), major customer in bankruptcy, communications and education between departments with out having to let anyone go.

  • Established an LOC, set and communicated organizations’ expectations in order to assure future success of the company.

  • Negotiated a union contract with 65 employees.


Certified Public Accountant – Pennsylvania

B.S. Gannon University; Erie, Pennsylvania – Accounting

Other Company-Sponsored Training

Stanford University – “Executive Program for Growing Companies” – Certificate Program

Duke University – “Executive Program for Manager Development” – Certificate Program

Disney Institute – “The Disney Approach to People Management” – Certificate Program

Professional Associations

Trost Sheet Metal and CARON Enterprises Inc. – Former Officer

Protective Sports Equipment, Inc. – Officer and Board Member 20+ years

Whole Foods Cooperative – Past Officer and Board Member