I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your skills as a CPA in helping me sell my company in the time frame I set for myself.  To have everything ready for an acquisition to go smoothly is priceless. 

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I could have never done that without you. Your skills in operational advisory was just what I needed to get my company in line. I know you had a lot of work to do with the staff, operations and financials to meet my expectations and goal. When the SBDC gave me their analysis of where I was at I was totally overwhelmed with everything they told me I needed to do, before I could sell my company. You were great with the staff, getting our operations ship shape and making the financial statements reflective on how our business really was doing. I know the inventory was a bit of a challenge getting the month end cut off correct. It was such a joy to watch how the staff looked forward to our meetings and working with you one on one. You have such a caring, understanding and communicative personality and with that can do attitude that was contagious.

Lucille Savelli

Co-Founder & Business Owner, SandCille, Inc

Sandy Holtz is an excellent CPA, but her skills as a team member extend far beyond that function. She understands people and situations. She thinks through logically the various alternatives and helps the team build consensus.

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Sandy is very well organized and her perspective is valued among the management team even when her experience may be less than others in certain capacities. She has resources to assist the team in special topics when necessary. She will lead as required to keep projects moving but does so in a comfortable manner. A giver versus a taker, Sandy always seems to reinforce the team goals and positive accomplishments of each person. You can rely on Sandy for a job well done!


Mike Boumansour

After working with you for three years, I must say that you have always done an excellent job for us and for our clients.

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Your work with repairing QuickBooks, the many journal entries and the new reports to reflect our desire to use company metrics, have always been impeccable. Your work and training of our client’s personnel with a new MRP system was timely, well structured and showed competent delivery. We will continue referring our clients to your company for accounting and MRP system installation and management. Thank you again. Sincerely, Prof. Roberto Ancis

Prof. Roberto Ancis

CEO, Coaching Professors, Inc.